Conversion and Custom Shapes

The versatility of expanded polystyrene and its water resistance lends itself to uses from a floating pontoon on a marina to a statue or column in a block buster movie.

Expanded polystyrene comes in all shapes and sizes with the latest CNC cutting technology any 2D shape can be made.

Graphics and Advertising Products:

Letters can be made up to 2400mm in height for advertising hoarding.

Blocks are formed with a fire retardant additive ready to be worked into 3D characters and objects for use in the Film studios and general public galleries.

General Conversion:

S and B supply general expanded polystyrene for the conversion market which includes ex-mould blocks ready for the converter to slice and also cut pads to a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Density ranges from 10 g/l up to 50 g/l
Expandable polystyrene Lintel in fills are supplied by the use of CNC machines.

Expandable polystyrene beads are supplied for the bean bag market which come in 10 cubic feet bags

S and B EPS Safe Fall Blocks:

S and B EPS safe fall blocks is a specially formulated light weight polystyrene block designed to minimise the risks to site operatives when working on scaffolding or roof rafters.

S and B safe fall blocks should be laid on a continuous supporting layer closely butted together with care to ensure that any gaps are kept away from the perimeter and not bridged by full blocks.

The waste EPS produced during manufacture is reground and recycled back into the manufacturing process. Any additional waste can be easily recycled or used in a variety of products.

The use of S and B EPS safe fall enables contractors to meet the health and safety requirements that anybody should be able to fall less than two metres.

S and B safe fall blocks are available as standard size 1200 x 1200 x 600mm with a delivery time of two to three days.

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