Structural Insulated Panels

The way we build houses is changing, with environmental concerns and issues likely to dominate all our lives for the foreseeable future.

As a result of this the building industry is changing to adapt new technologies resulting in the building of a brand new type of environmentally friendly energy efficient zero carbon housing.

One method of construction that will be at the forefront of this building design and technology is SIPS panels.

We at S and B EPS embrace this technology and are pleased to be able to offer a CFC and HCFC free EPS core material giving the required flexibility to achieve any required U value.


S and B EPS SIPS core panels are manufactured from CFC and HCFC free polystyrene and are available in the following grades EPS 70E, EPS 100E, EPS 150E, EPS 200E and Lambdatherm.

S and B EPS SIPS core panels offer a wide range of sizes up to 5m in length and 1.2m in width that are able to accommodate any required thickness.

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Structural Insulated Panels Datasheet