Warm Pitched Roof Panel

Our pitched roof panels are designed for use in warm pitched roof applications to provide a high level of insulation and are designed to insulate both the rafters as well as the roof and prevent the rafters forming a cold bridge.

When used in conjunction with a breathable membrane such as Roofshield or an equivalent it removes the need for ventilation of the roof void.

S and B EPS pitched roof panels are manufactured in various sizes to suit most rafter centres, thicknesses and edge profiles to suit nominal 38 or 50mm rafter centres plus, if required, an edge detail can be produced to accommodate double lapped rafters.

S and B EPS pitched roof panels are available in the following dimensions.

Length: 1200mm

Width: to suit 400,450 and 600mm rafter centres with standard thicknesses being 90 and 140mm other thicknesses are available on request.

All S and B EPS pitched roof panels are manufactured using fire retardant grades of EPS as standard, without the use of CFC and HCFC gases.

Common grades used are EPS 100E, EPS 150E, EPS 200E and Lambdatherm our high thermal performance material.

S and B EPS pitched roof panels are designed to accommodate 400, 450 and 600mm rafter centres as standard.

When installing S and B EPS pitched roof panels the first run of panels should be installed from the ridge, ensuring that the first panel matches the pitch of the roof, then continue the run to the eaves, ensuring that the rafter end again matches the required angle at the eaves.

This procedure should then be followed on each successive run until completion, ensuring that any gaps are filled with a suitable expanding foam sealant. Then a 38 x 50mm treated timber batten should be attached to the rafter tops at the eaves, abutting the last run of roof panels providing a stop end to retain the panel in position.

The panels are then secured by a 38 x 50mm wide treated counter batten positioned in the recess [as shown in the diagram, left] formed between two rows of panels.

If required S and B EPS pitched roof panels are available to accommodate lapped rafters, matching the standard profile of our pitched roof panel boards.

A proprietary permeable sarking membrane should be installed over the counter battens in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, with the tile battens then fixed to the counter battens using 65mm nails followed by the tiles with all work being carried out in accordance to BS 5534: Part 1.

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