External Wall Insulation – Mechanical Fix

Expandable polystyrene boards are used as part of a render system to provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

S and B EPS external wall insulation is an accepted way of adding thermal value to the outer face of most external walls.

Its versatility enables it to be used with a variety of finishes including plastic weather boarding, cladding, tile hanging and reinforced render systems.

S and B external wall insulation when used on the external face of a masonry wall maximises the natural thermal capacity of the wall and assists in the reduction of thermal fluctuations.

Given that heating and air conditioning interior rooms consumes vast amounts of energy and also accounts for approximately 80% of total energy consumption, with 30% being lost through uninsulated walls, external wall insulation offers a highly cost effective solution to reducing your carbon footprint and money expended on climate control.

S and B offer various bespoke grades for thermal wall insulation; grades such as S and B External wall, S and B Lambdatherm which is a grey, low thermal valued board, plus EPS 70E and EPS 200E all containing a fire retardant additive. Thermal values ranging from .038 down to .030 W/mk. Selected grades of EPS raw material are used for external wall applications to reduce any bowing and shrinkage of the EPS.

Rail System Boards:

S and B Rail system boards come in standard dimension of 500 x 500mm ranging from 40mm up to 250mm in height. Boards are recessed and rebated on all four sides to fit a rail system that has been mechanically fixed on to an external wall.


  • Faster, more efficient single leaf construction can be used, creating additional internal space with improved thermal performance.
  • Lightweight materials make this system suitable for tall constructions.
  • A+ green guide rating
  • Its closed-cell structure inhibits water absorption and it is unaffected by the normal range of climatic conditions.
  • Unique thermal properties EPS is 98% air, therefore it is an excellent thermal insulator.

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