EPS Floors FAQs

Does your material have BBA approval?

We have BBA approval on our flooring products with all EPS products have a declaration of performance for CE marking.

What size packs is your flooring material supplied in?

All flooring material is packed in branded wrapping at a height of 300mm per pack, for ease of lifting

What is the difference between white and grey polystyrene?

Grey Lambdatherm® contains graphite which enhances the thermal properties of the EPS allowing Low lambda values of up to 0.030 w/mK obtainable.

Does the grey Lambdatherm® contain a fire-retardant additive?

All our eps white and grey is FRA

What are your standard sizes for flooring products?

Industry standard sizes are 2400 x 1200mm with any thickness to suit customer requirements, that is the versatility of EPS.