Civil Engineering and Void Formers

Civil Engineering and Void Formers

In the construction industry, architects and builders always try to make their designs and structures better and stronger. Although making the design heavier has implications on the structural integrity.

This is where lightweight void formers are used to reduce the weight factor in such designs. S and B Void formers are made of expanded polystyrene so they also have an added insulation advantage, these blocks are easy to handle and can be cut to bespoke designs to suit the application.

S and B fill offers a cost effective lightweight solution that takes away the problem of unacceptable stresses encountered when using traditional fill materials and reduces the probability of settlement. Traditional fill materials can be liable to unacceptable settlement when used on, railway embankments for instance. S and B Fill with its high strength-to-weight ratio offers a cost effective solution to loads encountered in such constructions.

We are now extending our range of Fill materials, S and B Fill 190 will soon be added in the coming weeks, allowing compression strengths of 190 Kpa at 1% strain to be obtained.

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