Introducing Our New Grade EPS 500E

Introducing Our New Grade EPS 500E

We are delighted to announce that after the completion of the relevant tests by Certified bodies, we can now offer an EPS 500E grade of material.

EPS 500E is a grade predominantly used within Civil Engineering Projects due to its high compressive strength making it ideal for high point loadings. This EPS grade caters for all Civil Engineering needs and can be used for an extensive array of projects ranging from road and rail embankments to noise bunds and landscaping.

The EPS 500E grade has a remarkable compressive strength of 500 kPa at 10% nominal compression. This equates to a compressive strength, based on the 1% value used for safe working loads of 190 kPa.

At S and B we are able to offer and supply EPS 500E in a wide range of sizes which can suit all applications. If you require further information regarding our EPS 500E grade or any other product from our extensive range, please contact our team who will be happy to assist you and answer any technical questions you may have.









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