S and B COVID-19 Continuity Plan

S and B COVID-19 Continuity Plan

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, to ensure business continuity and the protection of all our staff and suppliers we have implemented various protection measures. The evidence shows this is a highly contagious virus and additional procedures are required to prevent the spread.

S and B are closely monitoring the development of the coronavirus and will act promptly and accordingly to protect all our staff as well as continuing current service levels.

Our main priorities are:

To ensure the welfare of our staff, customers and suppliers

To continue to deliver and maintain our service to our customers


Several measures have been actioned to ensure the virus is contained:

  • Additional in-house hygiene measures with increased hand washing for all staff and visitors, additional soap and hand towels have been provided at all washing locations.
  • All commonly used surfaces including door handles, keyboards handrails etc are regularly disinfected.
  • External visitors are only allowed access onto site after completing and signing a statement stating they have not been to any high-risk countries in the last 14 days or knowingly been in contact with any person with COVID-19.
  • Participating in external events, meetings, conferences, seminars and training courses have been postponed.
  • Additional stockholding with regular contact, updates and precautionary measures on raw materials are monitored and conducted daily.


In these unprecedented times S and B’s main objective is to ensure the protection of all staff as well protecting all business operations, please be reassured we are taking all possible action to maintain this.

Darren Smith

Managing Director






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