The benefits of underfloor heating

The benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is becoming more common in new builds and for those who are starting to re-decorate their house again. But what is so good about underfloor heating and are there any benefits to it? Well here we have produced a list for the benefits to it.


#1 Comfort


One of the main reasons why people choose to have underfloor heating is the comfort on your feet. It can be placed under many different types of floor, including; laminate, wood, tile, stone and carpet.


#2 distributes heat evenly


The problem with radiators are that the heat only comes from one place, and may take a longer period of time to distribute the heat around the room. Whereas underfloor heating is distributed around the room evenly – filling every space. Also as the heat rises, as it is being produced from the floor, making the whole room even and filled with heat.


#3 Save money


The heating bill in most cases will be reduced as the heat is produced quickly and spread around the room. Therefore, not waiting for the radiator to heat the air around the whole room. Making the heating bill cheaper, and more efficient.


Underfloor heating can also increase the price of your house. It has a reputation for being state of the art and high spec, which could attract buyers looking for high end properties.


#4 Not ugly


Underfloor heating is hidden, and therefore, can help you decorate your house to the exact style you want. With no need for radiators, it can really help with your décor and the unique styling of your house without the integration of ‘bulky’ radiators.


#5 Safe


Underfloor heating is much less dangerous than radiators. Radiators have sharp metal corners, making it a danger hazard to younger children. Yet with underfloor heating, it is safer as there will be nothing to catch on etc. The heat coming from radiators can be dangerous sometimes, therefore, with underfloor heating, the heat is always at a temperature which is suitable to stand on, making it safer for children.


For more benefits to underfloor heating and how it can help in your house or business, then get in contact with us. Or if you want more information on this product, click here.

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