Waste Collection Scheme Update

Waste Collection Scheme Update

S and B Eps recycling scheme is a great credit, 2015 saw S and B recycle over 12000m3 of Lambdatherm® EPS, this equates to a massive 2400 large skips to landfill. This volume of recycled material would compare to an extra 1850 homes being insulated.

S and B supply the solid wall industry for social housing with Expanded Polystyrene Insulation. Installers were often left with off cuts of EPS which caused an issue and required the surplus material to be disposed of via landfill. This was both inconvenient and costly to the installer. To address such an issue the S and B EPS waste collection scheme was introduced, with identifiable waste collection bags being supplied. This material is bagged, collected direct from site and recycled back at plant into Lambdatherm® EPS products.

To ensure the lowest carbon footprint waste collections are carried out via backloads direct from site using articulated trailers which are Euro class 5 or Euro class 6  compliant.

All Lambdatherm® EPS products are produced using the new polymeric flame retardant.


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